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Senran Kagura will be Xseed’s only ‘fan service’ series moving forward

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Xseed Games has no plans to pursue publishing of new “fan service” games — titles designed to be sexually exploitative or violent with little or no connection to its plot or gameplay — other than its existing long-standing Senran Kagura series, according to a post on the publisher’s Facebook page.

Xseed — a subsidiary of publisher Marvelous AQL — largely handles localization and publishing Japan titles in North America and Europe. The Senran Kagura franchise, which has been produced by Tamsoft since 2011, is an action game series known for its gratuitous use of “jiggle physics” and oversexualization of its female combatants. It’s most recent titles to come West, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit, visually exploit characters frequently.

When asked what other fan service games Xseed will bring to North America, a representative responded that they had no plans to localize more.

“None,” the representative said. “Senran Kagura is special because it’s by our parent company and made by a most excellent producer.”

In the comment section of Siliconera, localization specialist Tom Lipschultz stated that while this doesn’t mean Xseed won’t publish more games with fan service in them, the publisher has no plans to pursue games for fan service content alone.

“The idea behind that response, I believe, is that we’re not going to be pursuing any titles based solely on the existence of ‘naughty’ fan service within them,” he wrote. “But that’s not new: even Senran Kagura is a series we were thrilled to work on because it has great gameplay, well-developed characters and a fairly deep mythos behind it. In short, the Senran Kagura titles are fantastic games. The fan service within them is just icing on the cake.”

Xseed also published 2011 PlayStation Portable gory and slightly sexual survival horror title Corpse Party, and has plans to publish Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, in which players defeat vampires by undressing them.

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