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Report: Breath of the Wild update patches out the easiest way to stock up on arrows

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild updated to version 1.1.2 last night, and players have discovered that it takes out one of the game’s most useful glitches.

Although unspecified in the patch notes — which simply say that the game has received fixes to “make for a more pleasant gaming experience” — numerous reports suggest Nintendo patched out an exploit that allows players to farm up to 999 arrows from enemies without taking any damage.

The so-called “infinite arrow farming glitch” worked by positioning Link in a safe spot near a gathered group of mounted Bokoblin archers. Not the most intelligent monsters, they would keep shooting their arrows at Link but never hit him; he would then be able to pick up their arrows ad infinitum.

Here’s the exploit in action:

Updating to the new version of Breath of the Wild makes the Bokoblins a little bit wiser. After Link collects somewhere around 10 of their arrows, he’ll no longer be able to keep picking them up.

There is a workaround to keep getting more and more arrows; it involves starting a campfire and going to sleep, resetting the counter. If you’re really low on arrows and funds, that could be a useful trick, but it sounds like a lot of extra time and effort, if you ask us.

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