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Epic Games Store rolling out cloud saves for select titles

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One of the biggest criticisms of the Epic Games Store is its lack of a cloud save feature. Today on Twitter, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said that cloud saving is being rolled out for a “couple of new games,” and that a wider implementation of the feature is on the way.

Cloud saves are a relatively new quality-of-life feature in gaming. They allow players to upload their in-game progress to remote servers, and then access those files at will. It’s useful for switching from one device to another, whether you have multiple gaming machines or suffer a breakdown. Valve was among the first to add the feature in 2008, and it’s now common, even on modern gaming consoles.

The Epic Games Store launched without cloud saves, and that’s been a deal-breaker for some consumers. Today an eagle-eyed fan found the option to turn cloud saving on for Moonlighter, an isometric game which is currently free. It’s also available in a handful of other titles.

“We have a bit more work to do before rolling it out more widely,” Sweeney added in a tweet.

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